Web Design for Beginners

Web design for beginners


Welcome to webfootedgecko.net

The goal of this website is to be an introduction to web design for beginners.

We’ll cover the key technologies and principles so that you can set off in the right direction with a strong underpinning knowledge for your own projects or furthering education.

What will I learn?

You’ll learn about domain names and hosting, web design technologies, HTML and CSS. You’ll understand web design for a wide range of devices, including PC’s, smart phones and tablets. You’ll learn about accessibility, usability and user experience.

At the end of the tutorials is a summary detailing all the learning outcomes in a list that you can use in a CV or application form.

What do I need to know?

This website assumes that the reader has little to no knowledge of the web design industry but luckily the requirements to getting a very basic web page up are actually quite low,  if you have used the ‘Save As’ function in a text editor and know that documents get saved as files within folders your good to go.

We hope you enjoy reading through our site and gain valuable knowledge from it. We won’t pretend you will be an expert at the end of it but you will have set off in the right direction with a strong base of knowledge about techniques, technologies and of principles of web design.

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